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Dr.Web FixIt!

A cloud service for remotely diagnosing information security incidents and eliminating their consequences

icon_windows Windows
  • no installation required

  • detects indicators of compromise

  • examines logs, files and the registry

  • does not conflict with anti-viruses

  • allows threats to be neutralised promptly and faultlessly

Dr.Web FixIt! is

a knowledgebase and a tool designed to analyse in detail the security of PCs running Microsoft Windows and to address virus threats and potential vulnerabilities

Unlike products designed to detect already known malicious programs (or programs similar to them) with the help of virus databases, Dr.Web FixIt! detects the newest malware as well as programs used to carry out targeted attacks that cannot be detected by other tools.

When Dr.Web FixIt! is indispensable: 6 service use cases

  • 1

    You need to find malicious and suspicious objects that are not detected by regular anti-virus scanning

  • 2

    You need to find errors in the anti-virus settings or an MBR/VBR infection

  • 3

    Your company does not have its own SOC team

  • 4

    Your system administrators are insufficiently qualified to properly analyse virus-related computer incidents

  • 5

    You want to optimise the costs associated with maintaining technical staff

  • 6

    You need to perform a retrospective analysis of a system’s security status and to track a situation and the behaviour of critical services and programs over time

Dr.Web FixIt! comes to the rescue when regular anti-virus scanning detects no problems, but you need to:

  • analyse a system after it was infected by malware and cured
  • analyse a system if you suspect malicious activity
  • find traces of malicious activity after infection
  • find missing software/OS updates that close vulnerabilities
  • eliminate the consequences of an infection with various malware
  • collect data when investigating targeted attacks on information systems
  • find violations of company information security rules and policies
  • understand the causes of past infections and other information security incidents

The three phases of Dr.Web FixIt!


the collection of data from the user's OS


the analytical part, which involves creating and applying filters for the required data categories


the mechanisms for curing or correcting virus incidents, possible targeted attacks, and violations of information security rules in the user's system

How Dr.Web FixIt! works

  • 1

    The operator creates a task in the web service and sends the FixIt! analysis utility to the owner of the scanned computer.

  • 2

    The owner of the scanned computer runs the FixIt! utility, which scans the computer and generates a report.

  • 3

    The operator analyses the report in the web service, creates the FixIt! curing utility, and sends it to the owner of the scanned computer.

  • 4

    The owner of the scanned computer runs the FixIt! utility, which executes the specified script and generates a new report.

The operator repeats steps 3 and 4 until all the threats are neutralised on the scanned computer and then closes the task

If necessary, Doctor Web’s specialists will help analyse the information obtained while using the Dr.Web FixIt! service

To do this, the user needs to submit a technical support request

Shall we get started?

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Each Dr.Web FixIt! build is a unique build of the utility for a specific situation. It does not execute a predefined and, therefore, limited set of instructions, but rather the set of instructions that was prepared using the results of the analysis included in the diagnostic utility’s report.