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Gift certificates

Participate in Dr.Web community life and for doing so, you’ll be rewarded with virtual award points called Dr.Weblings.

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Gift certificate usage terms

  1. Each Dr.Web community member who has a Doctor Web account can exchange their accrued Dr.Weblings for gift certificates that allow them to purchase a new Dr.Web license to protect 1 PC/mobile device for 1 year at a 20%, 30%, or 50% discount. If a new license is used to renew a previous Dr.Web license (which must have a term of three months or longer), 150 bonus days will be added to the term of the new license when it is registered.
  2. You can use the certificate yourself or give it to another user.
  3. Upon clicking the "Get certificate" button, you will be sent an email containing a link to purchase Dr.Web at your chosen discount. To get the discount, use the link found in the email. Once you receive the certificate, the offer will remain valid for two weeks. You will also be able to find the email in the Profile-Messages section of your account.
  4. Exchanged Dr.Weblings will become inactive and cannot be re-deposited into your account even if you do not take advantage of the discount.